Cork Airport “Jack Lynch” Lounge (ORK)

Cork Airport “Jack Lynch” Lounge (ORK)

Overall Rating: 6/10

A contract lounge, accessed on this occasion at 18:00 using a BA Silver card with a Aer Lingus flight (ORK-LHR). Only lounge in the airport. Also accessible on PriorityPass and for Aer Lingus Gold Circle premium members.


A basic selection of pastries, fruit and cold snacks:

Cold pastries and cheese available. Soup machine was broken, but soup was available on request.


Standard selection of spirits, beer, wines and soft drinks available:

  • Spirits: Gin (local), Irish Whiskey (Jameson), Rum (Bacardi), Cognac (Hennessey).
  • Wine: standard white and red wine (Pinot, merlot etc… No fizz).
  • Beer: Heineken, Coors Light (?)
  • Soft: standard selection – cola (light/full), lemonade (light/full), tonic (light/full), ginger ale and juices.

WiFi and Power:

Use standard free airport WiFi.

Power available inside on extendable “towers”, and in the business centre.

Views and Comfort:

Comfortable chairs with side tables. No views over the apron – just internal windows overlooking the arrivals hall. Not too busy at time of our visit. A quiet business area with computers and printer is available for those who wish to use it.

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